29.97 FPS Videos – Why?

Alright, a bit of history.

The first electric televisions come out at 30 fps. This was because they needed an easy way to get the timing, and because they didn’t have fancy integrated circuits back then, they decided to just use the 60hz AC signal and divide it by two to get 30

A while later, color TV comes out. It causes issues with the existing TV signals and looks messed up, so they bump down the framerate by 0.03 fps to get 29.97 fps

Alright, but then today comes. We’re using 29.97 fps for a lot of things, even though it doesn’t make any sense! It’s a lot harder to multiply than 30 or 60, and it causes all sorts of trouble on the technical side, too.

Nobody should be using 29.97 frames/second! Why is it even still an option on anything! If you need to choose a frame rate, I would say choose a nice number like 60. If they could change from 30 fps to 29.97 fps way back then, why can’t we change back to 30 or even go straight to 60! 29.97 fps televisions are obsolete and don’t need to mess everyone up with their weird frequency issues!

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